Deciphering Your Pets Messages

Deciphering Your Pets Messages


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Do you wonder if your pet is trying to tell you something? Do you sense your pet has wisdom to share with you but you aren’t sure what it is? Would you like to learn how to decipher the important information your pet wants you to know? 

 In this fun class, join other devoted pet parents as we talk with your pets to find out the specific ways your Angel in fur shows you when he or she is trying to get a message through. Next, we will cover how to “hear” and “know” and “feel” what your pet is trying to tell you. You will feel empowered knowing when your pet has a message and learn to begin to communicate with your own pet to receive the message and deepen the bond you and your Angel in fur share. Finally, Kathy will relay a pressing and important message each pet has for their human. 

Sunday, April 7, 2019, 1:00-3:00pm CDT

Class Fee is $96 

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