Tapping Into Animal Wisdom


Animals have so much loving wisdom for human beings, and our pets are no exception. Our Angels in fur receive great joy from assisting us daily with everything from comfort and stress relief to showing us where a change needs to be made. Our pets know that unconditional love carries us through challenging times and can lift us up in so many ways.
When we open and give our pets some love and attention, we receive powerful healing love and insight in return. To better understand how this works, try this exercise…
Focus your energy on your pet and send your Angel in fur love directly from your heart. Send love out either energetically or by gently petting or hugging your animal. Pay close attention to how your pet prefers to be interacted with and respect your pets boundaries. Continue this exercise for a minute or two and then observe the energy coming back to you from your pet. Do you notice any changes in your body or your mood? What are you feeling emotionally? Is your breathing more relaxed? Do you feel your energetic vibration lifting? Do you feel your body being filled up and expanded?  Clear your mind and allow any new ideas or thoughts to come in. Send gratitude to your pet for the love and wisdom you have received.
Our animals love to give back to us. This sacred alchemic reaction that takes place when we open and send love to our pets and then receive love in return, changes humans in profound ways. Connecting energetically with animals helps us to relax and calm, facilitate and spark our own intuition and creativity within, and provide us with fresh new insights or “aha” moments in solving a problem.  
So the next time you feel fatigued, stressed, unsure how to handle a problem, or just need more love, allow your pet to help you. Your Angel in fur can help you with what  you need. 

Kathy Van Guilder