How Do Dogs Love Their Humans?

Our pets love us unconditionally and each in their own unique way. Animals are our mighty protectors and teachers. Dogs have a special way of helping us connect and get in touch with our own heart. The dogs we love reflect back to us what we need or what we can't see about our own hearts desires. They are like big mirrors. Why is this important? Because our heart is the connection to our higher self. It knows everything we need and truly desire. 
Pay attention to your beloved dog in your own life. What is he showing you that you need? Where do you need to put your focus? Sometimes it's the simplest of things we need, other times, it's a big change. 

My dog Holly enjoys reminding me to honor and be grateful for my sensitive heart, something I don't always love about myself. She gives me this message by gently carrying her stuffed animal "lamby" as we call it, in her mouth and bringing it to me.

Notice the subtle or sometimes not so subtle nudging  from your pet. If your dog is asking you to play, chances are she is telling you that your heart needs some play time. If your puppy is in need of some basic positive training to help her understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not, Then, she is helping you to see how setting clearer boundaries with other people and expressing what is okay with you and what is not, can really help you in your life. If you dog is feeling anxious, ask yourself what in your life are you feeling anxious or worried about? If your doggie wants more love and affection, then she is telling you that your heart needs more love and attention.

What is so amazing about this magical mirrored behavior, is that the very thing your Angel in fur is showing you that she needs, is exactly what you need. And by engaging with him to give him what he is asking for, you are helping your heart at the very same time. For example, if you need more play and fun in your life, playing and spending time with your dog, will be giving the child in your heart what it needs too. Our dogs are brilliant at knowing what we need more of and it makes them incredibly  happy to help us. When you notice your dogs messages and take action, she  will be so grateful that you listened and your bond and love for each other will grow. Give thanks for your beautiful Angel in fur!   

Kathy Van Guilder