For the Love of Animals

For the Love of Animals


Your copy is signed by Kathy and includes a personal message from your pet. Please email Kathy a photo of your pet so she can receive a personal message for you.


Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking, if he understands you, or why she behaves the way she does? In For the Love of Animals, the untold thoughts of our pets, animal communicator and professional photographer, Kathy  Van Guilder shares 12 stories of some of the amazing fury companions she has communicated with and photographed. Meet Jack, the Tuxedo cat who helps tuck the eight year old girl into bed each night to help her get her to sleep, and Jamaica, the beautiful Arabian horse who taught his human to be self-assured and confident. Each story gives insight into the heart and soul of our beloved animals and how they help us in our daily lives. Each copy is signed by Kathy and includes a personal message from your pet.

“For the Love Of Animals is a book to be treasured. Kathy’s beautiful photographs of dogs, cats, and horses will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. The stories are fabulous and engaging bringing to life the perspectives and challenges of both pet and human companion. For the Love of Animals is the perfect choice to give as a special gift to your favorite animal lover or to purchase for yourself. You will be thrilled you did!”

St. Paul, Minnesota