About Kathy

Kathy Van Guilder, owner and founder of Animal Talk, is  an animal communicator and has served as a conduit between people and their pets for almost 15 years. Kathy helps deepen people's understanding of their pets, solves behavioral issues, addresses health concerns such as pain and discomfort, and reconnects people with deceased pets through one on one sessions and classes.  She has worked with hundreds of animals and their human companions both locally, throughout the US, and worldwide. Kathy is the author of, For the Love of Animals, the untold thoughts of our pets, a book that shares stories and photographs of some of the animals she has communicated with. Kathy is also a professional photographer and owner of Kathy Van Guilder Photography. 

Kathy has been able to communicate with animals since she was a child, but closed off her intuition and her animal communication gifts as an adolescent. She has a B.S. degree in Health Education and Public Health and spent 15 years in a career in the health care industry. Kathy reopened her intuition and animal communication gifts later as an adult when she began a spiritual journey. Her heart and soul, and angels guided her to begin helping people deepen their understanding and relationships with their Angels in fur.

Kathy lives in Savage, Minnesota with her husband, daughter, five year old Alaskan Malamute mix, Holly, three year old German Shepherd mix, Bruno, and spirited rabbit, Thumper.