Once your session is scheduled, it is helpful to have some questions and/or concerns in mind to talk with your pet about. When the session is underway it generally flows easily from one topic to another. There will be plenty of time to get your questions answered, as animals are very direct communicators. Humans are usually amazed at how wise and insightful their pets really are.

As your pet and Kathy communicate, she will ask him about the concerns or issues you may have and he will respond intuitively back to Kathy through thoughts, feelings, or pictures. It becomes a two- way "conversation." Most pets also have issues or concerns they would like to call attention to with their humans. So Kathy will relay anything your pet wants you to know.

Please make sure prior to, and during your animal communication session, the environment remains calm and relaxed. Chaotic surroundings before or during your session may delay the time it takes for your pet to begin talking to Kathy and makes it much more difficult for Kathy to connect with your pet.  


“Our cat, Olivia and English Bulldog, LeRoy, had an animal communication session with Kathy that changed all of our lives. We adopted Olivia from a shelter a year ago. We have always had cats that are lap cats, until Olivia. Olivia told Kathy that laps are “uncomfortable and difficult” for her and she also told her she would love a kitty condo. Kathy communicated with Olivia how much my husband and I would like her to sit in our laps. After our session, that same night, Olivia sat on my lap! Even though it was for only five minutes, it meant so much to me! Several days later we purchased a kitty condo for Olivia and there isn’t a day that goes by she hasn’t sat in it. While in her condo she appears to be smiling!

LeRoy is ten years old. Watching him age hasn’t been easy. It’s more noticeable now that his arthritis is really affecting his mobility. When Kathy spoke to LeRoy he shared with her he still has a lot of joy! That his purpose on earth isn’t over yet. His purpose is to help my husband and I live in the moment! He also shared he has a sense of humor! My husband and I are now more present with him and are noticing his “sense of humor” that seems to come through his sighing at the funniest moments! I am now focusing on my loving, funny bulldog and not my aging dog!”

-M & K Smith Indianapolis, Indiana