Animal Communication One on One Consultations

Do you want to understand your pet on a deeper level? What are your animals likes and dislikes? Does your pet get enough exercise and playtime? Are there behavioral concerns you have?  Is there something your pet wants you to know? Animals speak through telepathic communication. Through her intuition, Kathy communicates with your pet’s mind, heart, and soul to help you understand your pets desires, feelings, and thoughts to deepen your connection with your Angel in fur.

Animals have so much to say and during your session, Kathy will be a conduit by talking directly with your pet. She will find out your pet's likes and dislikes as well as help solve behavioral issues such as chewing, soiling, barking, aggression, and more. Kathy is able to gain insight into health concerns such as physical pain or discomfort and relay information your pet wants you to know. In addition, she is able to communicate with deceased pets and can help you reconnect with your pet’s spirit. 

Kathy offers two phone consultation options. A 30-minute session is recommended for two or three questions or issues. A 60-minute session is more appropriate for an extensive question or issue or multiple pets. Kathy prepares for each session by connecting with your pet one or two days before, receiving information from your pet that is needed prior to your session. After your phone session, you will be emailed a digital recording of your session. As needed, Kathy will work with your pet energetically, during the next few days after your session, for any issues that may be of concern. 

Session Rates:                

30 minutes  $150              

60 minutes $300

How do you sign up for a phone session? Fill out the information below and click "submit." Then click the button, "Purchase Your Session to complete your payment". Kathy will contact you (usually within 24 hours) to schedule your session date and time. Once your session is scheduled, please email Kathy a photo of the pet (s) she will communicating with. 

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Our Animal Communication Session with Kathy helped us with our newly adopted bulldog Max. He was timid, shy and afraid of strangers. We couldn’t understand why he was so afraid of people. Kathy explained his past experiences and it made complete sense. We found out that by helping Max overcome his anxiety around people, we could learn to better trust people too. Max is helping us and we are helping him. Amazing! Thank you Max and thank you Kathy!
— T.O. St Paul, Minnesota
Our dog Angel’s temperament has greatly improved since our session with Kathy. She was anxious and aggressive towards men. Kathy helped us understand what happened in Angel’s past, and what we could do to help our dog feel more comfortable. Angel is calmer and her aggression has drastically reduced and continues to improve. Thank you!
— L. Johnson Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kathy’s insight into helping our husky, Ella’s anxiety issues was truly amazing. I could see her transform from anxious to calm after Kathy communicated with her. We implemented the suggestions Kathy made and Ella’s fears have noticeably subsided. I will definitely use Kathy again for any issues that arise. She is a very special person.
— C.L. Savage, Minnesota