Phone Session Monthly Subscription

Monthly phone sessions with Kathy allow for the opportunity to "check in" with your pet on a regular basis. These sessions allow you to receive monthly updates from your pet as a follow-up from a personal phone session or to simply strengthen your bond with your pet. 

How does a subscription work? We schedule a 10 minute standing phone session (the same date and time each month) that works for you. You are billed monthly for your appointment. You must sign up for a minimum of three months, and then you are free to cancel at any time. No questions asked.

How much does it cost? Each month you are billed $35 ($50 value) for your 10 minute personal phone session with Kathy.

Who can sign up? Anyone who has already done a personal session with Kathy.

How can this help me and my pet? If you are in need of follow up sessions with your pet for a particular issue or if you would like to gain a stronger connection with your pet, monthly sessions are for you!  

How do I sign up for a phone session monthly subscription? Fill out your information below and click "submit." Then click the button"Subscribe to this Plan" to complete the payment process. Kathy will contact you (usually within 24 hours to schedule your monthly session date and time). Once your session is scheduled, please email Kathy a photo of your pet(s).  

You must have had a personal session with Kathy to be able to sign up for the subscription

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