Animal Talk offers animal communication personal sessions, group classes, and education for those who would like to gain a better understanding of their pet on a deeper level. Our pet's have much to teach us about ourselves and about unconditional love. Animals love being a part of our lives, and know how important their role can be in bringing us joy , comfort, and love. We are located in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and work with people and their pet's in the twin cities area, greater Minnesota, and throughout the United States.



What is animal communication

Animal Communication uses a different "channel" of the brain than verbal language. To communicate with animals, we must use our intuition. It is through our intuition that we are able to send and receive pictures, feelings, and thoughts. When we communicate with animals using their innate language, we are able to understand and learn our pet's thoughts and feelings about situations, other animals and people in their lives, messages animals would like their human companions to know, and much more.  Animals have a deep love for their humans and feel relieved and often overjoyed when the messages they have been trying to communicate are finally received and heard.



meet kathy


Kathy Van Guilder, owner and founder of Animal Talk, is an animal communicator and has served as a conduit between people and their pets for more than 15 years. Kathy helps deepen people's understanding of their pets, solves behavioral issues, addresses health concerns such as pain and discomfort, and reconnects people with deceased pets through one on one personal sessions and classes.  She has worked with hundreds of animals and their human companions in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area and greater Minnesota as well as throughout the United States. Kathy is the author of, For the Love of Animals, the untold thoughts of our pets, a book that shares stories and photographs of some of the animals she has communicated with. Kathy is also a professional photographer. 


For the Love of Animals cover website.jpg

for the love of animals

the untold thoughts of our pets

Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking, if he understands you, or why she behaves the way she does? In For the Love of Animals, the untold thoughts of our pets, animal communicator and professional photographer, Kathy  Van Guilder shares 12 stories of some of the amazing fury companions she has communicated with and photographed. Meet Jack, a Tuxedo cat who helps tuck an eight year old girl into bed each night so she can fall sleep, and Jamaica, the beautiful Arabian horse who taught his human to be self-assured and confident. Each story gives insight into the heart and soul of our beloved animals and how they assist us in our daily lives. Each copy includes a personal message from your pet signed by Kathy.





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